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La Cave des Papilles online boutique presents a hand-picked selection of wines from our extensive stock of 1200 different labels, each from our cellar in Paris. Founded in 2001, La Cave des Papilles offers a wide selection of organic, bio and natural wines direct from independent and artisanal winegrowers.
In addition, we also maintain a large range of champagnes, whiskeys, cognacs, brandies and armagnacs.
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La Cave des Papilles is dedicated to natural wines. Our goal is to help as many people as possible discover the great variety of French and international natural and organic wines, because today drinking healthy is smart drinking. This is why we, at La Cave des Papilles, offer unpretentious and authentic wines, wines that are not only pleasurable but also healthy and representative of their “terroir” – wines of true character.



One day in the spring of 1989, Gérard met Jean-Pierre Robinot who was just completing the construction of his legendary Paris wine bistro l’Ange Vin. Robinot was gracious and the two spent the afternoon together discovering a mutual interest in the world of wine – glass in hand  – Jean-Pierre recounting stories of pioneers, smugglers and enthusiasts from this rarefied realm. Gérard’s eyes were opened to something quite new – naturally-produced wine; he was immediately captivated by what wine could be. He understood his approach to wine had actually changed that afternoon, and he slowly set out on a great adventure: in 1996 Gérard launched the  first Cave des Papilles on the rue Gay-Lussac. In 2001, he launched La Cave des Papilles on the rue Daguerre.



After earning his degree in somelierie and restauration, Florian was bit by the wanderlust bug. Fascinated for years in the wide diversity of “terroirs” – the geography, geology and climate of a certain region – he began to ask himself: what really is the difference between here and there? Between one bit of land and another? 

His journey led him time and time again to winemakers working throughout France. It wasn’t long after his travels that Florian decided to focus on wine. He became a sommelier, and soon was using his knowledge in several Michelin-starred restaurants, among them the famed Senderens and Taillevent.

In the late 1990s Florian met Gérard at the Cave des Papilles on the rue Gay-Lussac. Quickly he understood that natural wines were much more exciting than others. He decided to take the plunge. After a stint at l’Estaminet du Marché des Enfants Rouges in Paris, Florian joined La Cave des Papilles, bright tire-bouchon (corkscrew) in hand.   



Quentin, at the age of 25 became the latest addition to the team at the Cave de Papilles.

At 15 he began his professional training with the Gregoire Ferrandi school to obtain a BEP professional diploma and a BAC in hostellery- restauration. After a year in England to improve his language skills, Quentin decided to dedicate himself to  his passion for wine.

He passes a specialised training in 'sommelerie', and after resigning from the restaurant trade becomes devoted to the role of caviste-sommelier. Since having worked in a number of Parisian wine shops, Quentin, being attracted to the growing appeal of natural wines, joins the Cave des Papilles.

In addition to advising and serving customers in the shop, he works on the regular updating of the internet shop list, the graphic design, and the stock logistics.

L'actu de la cave

Dégustation Événement

Le 19 décembre 2019

Les photos de la dégustation des champagne d'Emmanuel Lassaigne

Samedi 14 décembre (2019 !) nous recevions notre Emmanuel Lassaigne national ! Un rendez-vous incontournable, juste avant les fêtes, où vous êtes nombreux à venir, même cette année avec les grèves où vous avez bravé les problèmes de transport et êtes venus déguster ces magnifiques champagnes, merci !

Plusieurs cuvées à déguster (avec en plus quelques surprises en fin de journée, que seuls ceux qui étaient là auront pu gouter...)

Dégustation Événement

Le 30 novembre 2019

Dégustation des champagnes d'Emmanuel Lassaigne le 14 décembre !

Juste avant les fêtes, samedi 14 Décembre, nous avons le plaisir de recevoir Emmanuel Lassaigne qui vient nous faire déguster ses champagnes !

Dégustation Événement

Le 8 novembre 2019

Les photos de la dégustation Marc Soyard et Brice Martin

Samedi 2 novembre nous accueillions Marc Soyard et Brice Martin, deux amis vignerons installés en Bourgogne, discrets et bourrés de talent. On a dégusté de très belles cuvées dont certaines de haute volée !



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